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Need helping hands

This is not the first time I was going to Swanthana (as part of St. Vincent De Paul Society, reach out to the poor)   – a home for mentally challenged and disabled girls abandoned by their families.   Each time I went there, I forgot problems in my life and I thanked God for all the blessings showered upon me.  One of our co-visitor said “Our problems are just a joke after seeing these kids”.

Swanthana is run by Sisters of Camillus and their house is on Carmalaram, Surjapur Road, Bangalore.  There are 47 mentally challenged and disabled girls most of them are confined to their fenced beds.  Taking care of such 47 children is a herculean task in front any human and sisters are doing a great service, and I salute them.  They do take care of the children 24X 7 without any complaints and find happiness in that.  I can’t imagine how much love and kindness they have in their hearts.

After seeing the kids, we had a chat with the Sisters – how do they manage the facility.   They spend around Rs: 2,00,000 to 2,50,000 on (4,000$ – 4,500$) per month to manage food, electricity, medicine, salary for helpers, transportation etc.    Money is coming from well wishers and friends who know about Swanthana and also a small government grant.   Whenever they run short of money, they borrow from banks and the debt and today reached to Rs: 5,00,000 (around 10,000$).  I felt, we should help them, so that Sisters can concentrate on taking care of the children. So, what we can do –

  • Help them to close their current loans – need 10,000$.
  • 42 children need around 100 – 150 diapers/day.  Sponsor 1,500 – 2, 000 diapers monthly.  You can order diapers online in smaller quantity and I can collect and deliver to them every 15 days.  Make sure you order SMALL and EXTRA LARGE sizes.
  • Donate money to buy rations – directly to their account
  • Visit them and feel the love, care and encourage them to continue their service and be part of that service.  Route:  Outer Ring Road => Surjapur Road => After Karmalaram railway gate, take left=> Pass ‘Snehadhan’ and take right=> Next gate is Swanthana.  Anyone outside India want to visit Swanthana, I can guide or accompany them.

I hope some of my readers will extend a helping hand.  If you need more details or want to sponsor support, please contact me  All the money transactions should be directly to their account and I will send the account details on request.  Please DO NOT involve any second party for any money transaction, all donations should be directly to their account ONLY.

You can also read a blog post on Swanthana at

God bless you.


Update: 29-July-2013

I spoke to Sr. Regina today morning.  They really need help.  Contact details as follows,

Contact name: Sr. Regina

Phone:  0091 9986951855

Land line  : 0091 80 28441153

Postal Address:


Center for mentally changlled female children home
(Behind Snehadan)
Surjapura Road, Amedkar Nagar,
Karmalaram POST
Bangalore- 35.

Bank Details for direct money transfer

A/C Name :   Swanthana,  Daughters Of St. Camilles
A/C no        :  33197500593
Bank            :  SBI,  Bellandur Gate
IFCI Code :  SBIN0010363

Please send me a mail at so that I will confirm with Sr. Regina or you can call her for confirmation.

 About Swanthana Group

In middle of 2013, we have started a group to support Swanthana by buying food for the kids.  There is no more than a great work than feeding these helpless kids.  We collect money in Swanthana’s account exclusively kept for this purpose and buy food for the kids along with the Sr. Regina.  Donations are eligible for 80g under Income Tax Acct – preferably above Rs:5,000.  A quick report for 2013 activities –

  • The group started on Aug-2013 with 3 members
  • Total members count reached 28
  • Total amount collected : Rs: 82,026.00
  • Total number of rations bought: 10 rations worth Rs: 72,364.00
  • Cash / bank Balance (including funds in clearance) : Rs 9,662.00 ( As of 31-Dec-2013)
  • Christmas celebrations with Swanthana : Rs: 9310.00 ( Almost 10 members visited Swanthana and decorated)

Want to be part of this group?  Want to feed these kids?  Reach out to me:  God bless you.



Hello world

Wow, I got a blog now! How long I can stop myself not blogging..? Let me start in a traditional way!



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